Navigation Options

These are the navigation options that are available to you beginning on the Program Menu page. With these options, you can edit your profile, change your demographics, contact your administrator, and consult the Participant Guide.

  1. Participant Information. Under Participant Information there may be an Edit Profile option.
  2. Edit Profile. This option enables you to change your password (if your administrator permits you to) and to fix any spelling mistakes that may have occurred to your name.
  3. Support. Under Support there may be two options: Contact Administrator and Feedback.
  4. Contact Administrator. This option will open an e-mail message window pre-addressed to your assessment administrator. If you want to share your experience with your assessment administrator, use this option.
  5. Feedback. This option opens a Feedback Form in a new window. This form enables you to leave comments or questions about your testing experience. Your feedback is sent to the TFI development and customer service teams.
  6. Resources. Under Resources will be the Participant Guide.
  7. Participant Guide. This option will link to this guide. Use the Participant Guide to answer help you answer any questions you may have about E-SESS or about taking an assessment.
  8. Log Out. The Log Out button will take you to the login screen. Before you log out, be sure to close all assessments.