General Instruction

The General Instructions page may contain important information. Take time to read the page. It may contain instructions that are critical to completing the assessment(s) successfully. Some organizations require you to verify that you have read the information on this page. If that is the case with your organization, you may see check boxes beside sentences. If verification is not required, simply click the Continue or Edit Profile button after reading the on-screen text.

  1. Information. Your organization may put important information here for you to read. It is important that you read whatever information that is here carefully. If your organization requires verification, read the text and check the box. If there are check boxes, you must check the boxes before you will be allowed to proceed. Do not check the box until you have read and understood the text beside it. If you have questions regarding the text, contact your assessment administrator.
  2. Continue or Edit Profile. The Continue button will become enabled after all of the required check boxes on the page are checked. Click this button to proceed.
  3. Instead of a continue button there may be an Edit Profile button. The Edit Profile button will become enabled once all the check boxes have been checked. This button will take you to the Demographic Data page. You must fill out any of the fields that have an asterisk next to them. Click the Submit button when all required fields have been filled out.