Review Assessment

After you have answered all the items or if you click the Review button, you will see the Review Assessment page. It lists all the items for the entire assessment. The review page displays all of your chosen answers.

  1. Time Remaining. If the test is timed, the time remaining will be displayed here and run down to 0.
  2. Close Assessment. This button closes the assessment screen and returns you to the Program Menu.
  3. Calculator. If the calculator is available in the assessment, click this button to gain access to a basic 4-function calculator.
  4. Item Count. The item count display just says "Review" on the review page.
  5. Mark for review. Use this check box if you wish to mark the item for review. If you do so, the item will be highlighted in blue on the Review Assessment page. You may mark as many items as you like for review. Items may be answered or left blank when marked for review. It is a visual reminder only. It does not affect the assessment.
  6. Answer Area. If the item has not been answered yet, red text will show indicating this. The item on the screen in this example is a multiple choice question. You will choose the most appropriate answer from the list by clicking the small circle beside your choice. You may choose only one answer. You can change your answer selection by clicking a different circle.
  7. Submit For Grading. This button will submit the assessment for grading. Clicking this button will submit the assessment and lock you out of it. Do not click this button until you are satisfied with all of your answers.
  8. Marked Items. This button locates the next item that is marked for review.
  9. Unanswered Items. This button locates the next item that is unanswered. Use this button to check to make sure that all items have been answered.
  10. Navigation. The navigation buttons allow you to move throughout the test.
    • Previous. This button will take you to the previous item unless you are already at the beginning of the assessment.
    • Go to #. Clicking on the list of item numbers will take you directly to the selected item.