Welcome to the TFI online assessment system. The assessment you have been assigned is delivered by the E-SESS engine. This visual guide to the E-SESS participant interface explores each element of the interface from the login screen to the assessment. Each image includes numbered labels. The labels are explained below the image.

Important Information

As a participant you need to know what assessment you are supposed to be taking. Check to see that the test you think you should be taking is the one that appears on the Program Menu page. Before you click the Begin button, make sure the correct test is listed. If it is not the correct test let your proctor or advisor know immediately so you can be moved to the correct test.

You must click the Submit For Grading button when you are ready to have your assessment scored. If you do not click Submit For Grading, the system will lock you out when your time (if taking a timed assessment) has completely expired and the system will record you as having used the entire alloted time. For example, Jim takes an assessment and is done in 20 minutes, but the assessment has a one hour time limit. If Jim clicks the Submit For Grading button, the system will record him as using 20 minutes. If Jim does not click the Submit For Grading button, then the system will wait until the full hour has run out and will then record him as using one hour.

If you have questions about using this interface, please contact your assessment administrator or e-mail TFI's customer service personnel at info@techfluency.org.