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Computer Assessment & Tutorial (CAT1) is an online learning and online testing program that tests basic computer skills. The CAT1 online, diagnostic-prescriptive program tests participants’ computer skills and enables them to develop fundamental computer productivity and problem-solving skills. The program tests, educates, and provides certification for test participants. CAT1 includes a robust management system for the online testing administrators.

Online Testing: How Does CAT1 Work?

online testing pointer CAT1 administrators enroll participants. Participants log in to the program, read basic instructions, and provide requested information. Then they begin the Online Testing & Online Learning Program components when approved by their administrator. The online test occurs in a simulated computer environment, which enables participants to actually demonstrate requested computer-related tasks. The online testing and online learning systems diagnoses participants’ performance on each task and, if needed, prescribes an accessible online learning unit to provide education related to the designated performance measure.


online testing standards CAT1 assesses and educates participants on 24 operations essential for demonstrating computer-operation literacy. The 24 operations are embedded within these six computer operation standards:

  • Operate common technology devices
  • Perform basic file management tasks
  • Apply troubleshooting strategies for solving routine hardware and software problems
  • Use software productivity tools
  • Use technology to communicate and collaborate through e-mail, Internet, and discussion groups.
  • Use technology to locate and collect information from a variety of sources.

These six standards each include four performance objectives and performance measures. The online testing and online learning program are correlated to these 24 performance objectives.

CAT1 Online Test

another online testing pointerThis component assesses technological fluency of participants. The online test determines proficiency on core computer skills directly related to the six standards. The online test component is not timed and can be taken any time at any place with an Internet connection.

CAT1 Online Learning Program

online learning pointerThe education component is an online learning program that promotes self-directed learning and problem solving. With more than 100 instructional online activities corresponding to 24 performance objectives, the program offers just-in-time learning. Supplemental activities provide additional online learning opportunities and are incorporated at the discretion of the system administrator.

CAT1 Online Certification

online certificates pointerTFI certifies participants who complete CAT1’s 24 performance measures in three or fewer attempts within a period of one year. The online certifications, which are printed and mailed, include a listing of the competencies achieved during the online testing process.

CAT1 Management

CAT1’s management system includes forms, reports, updates, help files, and forums. From the Administrative Menu, administrators can perform all functions necessary for operating the program – from adding participants to tracking their performance. Using the management system, organizations can customize specific CAT1 features such as demographic requirements and links to additional training materials.

Additional Benefits

CAT1 offers more than assessment, education, certification, and management. The program also:

  • Complies with Title II requirements (No Child Left Behind) for eighth-grade students crossing the digital divide and achieving computer literacy.
  • Equips users with skills needed to achieve success in the workplace.
  • Serves as professional development for educators.

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